Realistic Acrylic Portrait Painting Masterclass

"Learn the art of creating lifelike masterpieces with my Realistic Acrylic Painting Course"


Expressive Female Portrait Painting

Mastering female portrait technique with acrylic


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What You are Going to Learn from this Course

More than 6000 + Learners already benefited from this course

Know About Materials 

Showing my detailed materials starting from Suitable Colors, Brushes, Surfaces, and Other Essential Tools. I am also simplifying my list of materials so that it can be easily accessible to anyone.


Still-Life Painting with Acrylic 

From setting up composition to painting in real-time. In this demo, I am showing my easiest step-by-step technique to achieve different surface textures with acrylic so that any beginners without prior experience with acrylic can understand.

Lip Painting with Acrylic

You will learn my unique method of color mixing for skin tone and blending with acrylic with just water as a medium. I am showing my method of blending in every stage in real-time with voice-over instruction so that any new learner can adopt it.


Eye Painting with Acrylic 

A real-time step-by-step guide for painting a realistic-looking eye with special reference to color mixing and brush movement for a delicate skin tone. The technique is so simple that anyone without prior experience with acrylic can follow it.

Female Portrait with Acrylic

Step-by-Step process of painting a full length portrait painting of a Girl from reference, starting from color study, color mixing, blending and finishing touches to achieve life like result with simplified color palette and materials. 


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A perfect solution to learn Acrylic Painting

    • Learn 15+ lessons in one single Course, viz- Portrait Painting, Still-life, Eye Painting, Lips Painting and many more
    • In Step-by-step, Real-time, Voice-over instructions in both Hindi and English
    • Pre-recorded lessons with lifetime access for convenient learning at your own pace.
    • Designed for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced learners.
    • Learn effective brush stroke techniques to achieve oil-like finishing with acrylic.

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    After going through all the videos, if you aren't able to draw a perfect object. Will refund you the money. ‍You must be thinking why am i doing this? I am doing this as i am 100% confident that you will master it like all the other students.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    • helpIs this course for beginners?

    The courses are designed for all skill levels. Even if you are new, you can easily get something out of it and create your masterpiece.

    • helpClasses are in which language?

    Course videos are available both in Hindi and English. You can access both versions and choose your desired language of preference.

    • helpDo the videos have any expiry date? 

    No. You can access the entire course with lifetime access. You can watch whenever you want from your comfort.

    • helpHow can I watch the videos?

    After successful payment, you can access the videos almost immediately from the comfort of your time on the same website.

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